2 days

45 speakers from Russia and abroad 

10 main topics

Reports, lectures, seminars

Tour program

NMO Training

Conference topics

• Research and development of new drugs in Russia and EAEU. Substantial issues of drug researchв

• Modern requirements to the quality clinical trials in accordance with GCP and legislation in Russia and EAEU

• Modern requirements to the quality of preclinical research in accordance with GLP and legislation in Russia and EAEU

• Organization and practice of Phase I and Bioequivalence studies conduct     

• Organization and conduct of Phase II – IV Clinical studies

• Bioanalytical studies of drugs in the framework of Phase I and bioequivalence clinical trials and preclinical studies

• Analysis of problems and typical errors in drug research

• Integration of new medicines research within the framework of the EAEU

The event is held under the support of the Association of modern pharmaceutical industry and innovative medicine of the Yaroslavl region

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